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Customer Service Policy

Moaihobby Online Store Payment Policy

Q. I found a lost item in my parcel/I got a wrong item in my parcel/Some items arrive broken.

A. If any of the above happens, please contact us at moai01@moaitoys.com and let us know the situation within 7 days after the parcel arrives. Please be sure to mark the auction ID of the problem item, your Online user ID and a photo of the wrong and/or broken item. In some cases, you may need to take a video or picture upon our customer service officer’s request. You may also contact us through the eBay message system.


Q. My parcel hasn’t arrived yet!

A. Firstly, please check if 2 weeks’ time has past since we shipped the parcel to you. If the parcel has not yet arrived 3 weeks after delivery, we suggest you to email us at moai01@moaitoys.com or contact us through eBay message. Please be sure to state the auction ID and your Online user ID.

If the parcel is really lost, the Hong Kong Post Office takes about two month’s time to trace the parcel. In this case please be patient with the process. If the parcel is really lost, we will compensate for the lost parcel by partial refund or resending the item to you.

Q. What is your feedback policy?

A. We will leave a feedback ONLY if the buyer leaves his/her feedback first. Sometimes we will reply to the feedback as well. If your feedback is positive, then we will also leave a positive feedback; if you leave a negative feedback to us, we may not leave a negative feedback in return unless the customer is not willing to cooperate.

We will leave a neutral or negative feedback if the buyer is extremely rude, has no intention of buying the item, or breaks any rule in online. A neutral feedback is given to buyer who does not pay within 7 days after buying the item, unless the buyer postpones the payment with a reasonable cause.

Q. Which countries do you ship to?

A. We ship to all countries where Hong Kong Post Office can ship to.


Q. I have some other questions which are not listed in all the pages you have.

A. Please send your question to our online account, or you can send email to us at moai01@moaitoys.com. When sending a question through online about a product, please go to the product page and ask the question there.