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Payment Policy

Moaihobby Online Store Payment Policy


Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept PayPal for our auctions and Online Stores' items.


Q. Who should I pay to if I were to pay with PayPal?

A. You can pay to payment@moaitoys.com, or whichever payment address stated in the listing, we will send the parcel to the address registered in buyer's PayPal account.


Q. When will you bill the total cost to me, after I buy the items?

A. It usually takes about one working day (not including Saturdays), Hong Kong time (time zone +8) for us to proceed all the orders. At the same time, we will bill you at your online account through eBay messages.


Q. Can I send by cash?

A. We DO NOT suggest you to pay by cash because sending cash by mail are not accepted by the post office. Buyer can directly deposit to our US account.


Q. I don't know how much your shipping cost is, so I will just send the cost of item to you and I will send a few more dollars as the shipping cost (even if it isn't enough).

A. If you are unsure about the shipping cost, please be sure to ask us beforehand. If we do not receive your full payment, we will NOT ship your item. The other way is to wait our billing email and you can send the total amount as stated there.
Any unclear payment will remain unclear until the buyer pays the item in full. Our accounting department will, from time to time, send a payment reminder to you. If the buyer is unwilling to cooperate, we have the right to leave a negative feedback and refund the payment to you.


Q. I bought the item but then I couldn't pay for it/I bought the item but I don't want it anymore.

A. Please contact us through eBay messages or send email to us at moai01@moaitoys.com, we treat it as an Unpaid Item Dispute upon our discretion depends on your reason. This is solely used for reclaiming our listing fees.

Q. I bought the item and I don't want it anymore, so I'll just leave it be.

A. If we have not received any payment from you after 3-4 working days, we will send an unpaid item reminder to you. If the item is still not paid yet after 7 days and there is no response from the buyer, we will treat it as an Unpaid Item Dispute upon our discretion. We may also leave a negative feedback to buyer since there is no payment from the buyer, and we may consider to cancel the order. If the buyer does not pay for 2 times or more, he/she will be blacklisted.